Print file checking

The preparation process is based on the submitted print file in PDF format. The file is checked for printability requirements by our colleagues using Enfocus Pitstop (Preflight) software that enables them to identify possible issues. Please see our guides and requirements before submitting print files.

Digital mounting

The next step is digital mounting with the up-to-date Heidelberg Prinect Station shooter software. The Suprasetter thermo platesetter processes the plates prepared by using Prinect Meta Dimension RIP. In order to achieve the best possible quality Prepress Interface CIP4 data is continuously sent to the online printing machines with the correct colour management, and adjusts the pre-colouring settings.

Colour management

In order to avoid colour differences, errors and to clarify the responsibility it is recommended that proof is printed. Proof is provided from a calibrated printer to secure the production of color printing for the end products. We keep the proof equipment, plate linearization and process calibration under constant control. Our printing house places great emphasis on high quality and excellent color management, in case of delicate work we provide the opportunity for our customers to join the printing process where they personally validate the printed colors.