Finishing and binding


One of the benchmarks of our binding capacity is its numerous folding capacities. We currently have 8 (!) folding machines that allows us to perform a wide range of folding methods. The capabilities ranging from simple folds to more complex multi-page folds (up to 64 pages). Egyszerűbb hajtásoktól kezdve az összetettebb több oldalas (akár 64 oldalig) hajtásokra is képesek vagyunk.

Saddle stitching

The production of stitched publications are made on our Müller Martini Primera C110 stitching line with a capacity of up to 8000 pcs/hour. Smaller publications can be produced in double format production, besides there is the option of stapling with omega staples.


Perfect binding

We have always purchased our binding equipments in accordance with customer requirements. These purchases were made in accordance with our desire to increase our capacity and to offer complete processing of printed sheets. On our Müller Martini Pantera online glue binding machine line, we can produce a book in one go using either Hot-melt or PUR glue. The gathering line collects the folded signatures, glues them and inserts the cover, then trims them to the finished size with a three-knife cutting unit at the end.