A Szó-Kép Nyomdaipari Kft. elkötelezettségét és hagyományőrzését mi sem mutatja meg jobban, hogy három generáció vesz részt a cég mindennapi munkájában. A családi értékek megőrzése mellett a folyamatos fejlődést tűztük ki célul.

We strive to completely satisfy our customers and to find solutions to everything by being flexible. We provide sound pricing, exact keeping of deadlines and impeccable quality for our customers. Moreover, we believe that knowledge and hard-working nature is essential, as this is what creates value for the customer.

The success requires more than good leadership; therefore we are carefully selecting our colleagues whom we can count on and trust. We purposely plan our machine upgrades and continuously renew our machine pool to meet customer requirements. Our partner service companies are responsible to regularly maintain and repair our machinery in order to ensure the flawless continuation of our job.

Our company’s philosophy is reflected in our Quality and Environmental Protection statement.