Offset printing

Offset printing is the optimal solution for large volumes as the technology enables economic, quick and quality printing. This way we can print on a variety of paper, and in some cases on other materials by using metal print plates. Commonly used for printing books, office papers, magazines and various marketing materials.

As a first step, the files to be printed are divided into four basic colors (CYMK). This is important because the printing itself is accordingly done in four steps, i.e. the four colors are applied separately.

The printing forms are created digitally, they are transferred directly from the computer to the printing plates. This technology is called CTP (Computer to Plate), which makes it possible to produce the printing plate needed for printing with high precision. During printing, this plate is attached to a form roller, which transfers the paint applied to it by contact to the rubber roller, which directly applies the resulting design to the paper.

Our printing house has a total of four reliable Heidelberg offset printing presses, thus ensuring adequate capacity and a wide spectrum of production variations. Our two Heidelberg PM 74-2-P are suitable for 2+0 and 1+1 color printing. The color printer Heidelberg XL-75-4 and XL-75-4+L equipped with Axis Control used for color measuring and control. The latter is equipped with a varnishing unit for the option to have offset varnish applied where applicable to preserve high quality printing.