Quality and environment

The integrated management policy of Szó-Kép Printing

Our company - in order to be able to give service of a high level - gives special attention to satisfying the defined demand and expectations of our customers, to observing the requirements of society and to flexibly following changes in expectations.

In the implementation of our management policies vital roles are played:

  • by the professional skill, qualifications and competency of our staff; thus the company gives great attention to their careful choosing and to a continuous upgrading of their qualifications and professional skills,
  • by ensuring controlled and supervised functioning, the on-going monitoring of processes,
  • by the application of the economically obtainable best technologies; thus we are continuously watching development trends of our business and try to keep step with them, thereby ensuring adequate quality and environmental performance,
  • by continuously and actively communicating with our customers, in order to learn about their needs and demands as exactly as possible and in order to give them exact and up-to-date information about the quality and about the environmental characteristics of our activities,
  • by striving in the planning of our activities and in our day-to-day work to handle natural resources sparingly and follow the principles of sustainable development,
  • by endeavouring to apply environmentally friendly production processes, thus when commissioning new technologies and equipment we pay attention to their foreseeable effects on the environment and strive to minimize waste,
  • by the commitment of our management to the continuous development of environmental protection activities, to preventing environmental pollution and to complying with rules and regulations in all areas of activities of our company,
  • by endeavouring to build up long-term, correct business relationships with our customers, because this serves our mutual interests and ensures the further growth of our market share,
  • by carefully choosing our sub-suppliers, formulating quality expectations for their rating and checking and in the choice preferring the certified ones.

In order to achieve the above goals we have introduced, maintain and continuously upgrade an integrated system according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015. It is our conviction that the consequent application of these basic principles, honesty and openness towards people living in our environment and towards the authorities are of an essential importance for the long-term development and survival of our company.

The environmental protection statement of Szó-Kép Printing

The company's management ensures the consumer that the wood-based FSC products originate from forests, which have been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) according to their requirements based on social, economic and ecological assessments.

We are committed to minimize our operations' environmental impact. It is important in the fulfilment that:

  • the management shows commitment in the development of environmental protection, prevention of pollution, beside obeying legislative requirements,
  • natural resources used in an economical manner in our everyday work, following the principle of manageable developments,
  • we strive to adopt environment healthy practices, minding the potential environmental damage when using new technology or commissioning new equipment,
  • we strive to reduce the amount of garbage, trying to achieve the optimal environmental performance,
  • we carefully select our subcontractors; establish environmental requirements to be able to classify and monitor the subcontractors, certified subcontractors enjoy advantage at selection
  • it is forbidden to use papers made from timber, that is against the FSC principles:
    • if timber comes from an area where tradition or common law has been offended,
    • if the forest area has significant or endangered environmental values, has no FSC certification,
    • comes from genetically modified trees, or illegally extracted timber,
    • if timber comes from a natural forest that has been turned into plantations or other not forest-like area,
    • furthermore, the absence of appropriate control system for identification and traceability of processing chain management and commercial activities.

We declare that we are a FSC certified supplier.
Certification number: CU-COC-815225
We introduce our environmental policy to all our employees and concerned parties.

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